We fear technology will continue to drive economic gaps at a faster rate than it can solve our societal problems.  Rather than a screen or device, technology will become a seamless platform to automate the menial and power the meaningful.  Efficiencies achieved through tech will allow people to accomplish more, earn more, and provide the opportunity to pursue a greater sense of purpose.

Initially, these benefits will be constrained to those who can afford it.  The resulting socioeconomic divide will underscore all of the major challenges of our generation – equal rights, climate change, political engagement, economic policy, access to healthcare, and education.  As a society, we will be handicapped in our ability to solve these problems, so long as our access to opportunity divides us.

At Kokopelli Capital, we believe that technology and entrepreneurship are the most effective tools to democratize opportunity. It is our responsibility to support the most outstanding individuals who wield these tools.